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Founded in 2015, Kings of Horror quickly became the most visited and subscribed channel for full-length horror movies on YouTube. In addition to horror feature films, we have horror shorts, written reviews, horror news, video reviews, shorts, and an awards show. There is a place for all horror fanatics in our community.

Some horror movies can be made for next to nothing and deliver the same or greater “scare-factor” as the big studio productions with massive budgets, costly special effects, and expensive talent. Both are welcome in our community.

The name Kings of Horror refers to our passionate community of horror film lovers, horror fans, horror filmmakers, and horror critics from 229+ countries.

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I have content that I’d like on Kings Of Horror! Where do I send it?2019-12-10T12:32:30+00:00

Do you have content that you’d like to sell or share? Scripts, drawings, original photos, figurines, merchandise, or any other horror things? Or are you a producer or director with a desire to scare? Send us a message:

I want to join this community… What can I do?2019-12-10T12:33:29+00:00

We love adding horror fanatics to our community. Are you interested in giving us your horror opinions? Learn more about how you can help and be a part of our growing community by emailing us: community@kingsofhorror.com

Can I download a movie from your site?2019-12-10T12:34:15+00:00

Nope! We work with directors, producers, and distributors to obtain the rights to show these movies on our channel.

Do you produce movies?2019-12-10T12:35:07+00:00

At the moment, Kings Of Horror does NOT produce movies. We are simply a movie channel that brings horror fans together!

Does this cost money?2019-12-10T12:35:54+00:00

Kings Of Horror is currently a FREE movie channel on YouTube!

Are all of these movies appropriate for all ages?2019-12-10T12:36:30+00:00

While many are just downright scary, there are some adult themes and nudity scenes found in some of our films. Viewers discretion advised for all movies!

Where can I buy these movies?2019-12-10T12:37:09+00:00

Not all of these movies are for sale, but some are available through 3rd party distributors!

Do you sell any merchandise?2019-12-10T12:37:53+00:00

Yes! Visit our merchandise store at kohstuff.com and we have a bunch of different options of merchandise to choose from.

Do you have social media accounts that I can follow?2019-12-20T04:45:23+00:00
Can I submit a blog post to share on your website?2019-12-10T12:42:08+00:00

Yes, you can! Send it to hello@kingsofhorror.com and it will be submitted for review and approval.

Do you have a newsletter that I can sign up for?2019-12-10T12:40:02+00:00

Yes! We do offer a newsletter that you can sign up for. It will include all new things Kings of Horror!

My question is not on here!2019-12-10T12:40:49+00:00

For general inquiries contact: hello@kingsofhorror.com