Established in 2015, Kings of Horror swiftly rose to prominence as the go-to destination for full-length horror movies on YouTube. Our channel, boasting the highest visitation and subscription rates, goes beyond feature films to offer a diverse range of content. From bone-chilling shorts, written reviews, and horror news to engaging video reviews, we’ve got it all, including an exclusive awards show.

Our community is a haven for all horror enthusiasts, embracing both low-budget gems and blockbuster productions that deliver the same, if not greater, “scare-factor.” Whether it’s spine-tingling thrills on a shoestring budget or big studio spectacles with lavish effects and star-studded casts – both find a warm welcome in our horror haven.

The moniker “Kings of Horror” pays homage to our dedicated community, encompassing horror film aficionados, fans, filmmakers, and critics hailing from over 229 countries. Join us, where the world of horror unites under one sinister banner.