The Ouija Experiment

The Ouija Experiment, Full Movie 1h31m, Released 2011

Brandon and his friends get the brilliant idea to film their experimental sessions with an Ouija Board in an attempt to create a viral video that will make them famous. Drama and conflict cause members of the group to forget the number one rule of using an Ouija Board: IT’S A GATEWAY TO THE OTHER SIDE! Foolishly they open that gateway and allow evil spirits to cross over and soon fall prey to the evil entities that now occupy the board.

Be careful out there, people. The Ouija Board is not a toy, it’s a powerful tool to reach into the spiritual realm (that they just happen to sell in toy stores.)

Sidenote: If you are an Ouija Board enthusiast you should definitely out the full review of The Ouija Experiment over at Ouija Board Movies.

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