Beast: A Monster Among Men

Beast: A Monster Among Men, Full Movie 1h12m, Released 2013

Five campers take a drive out to Six Rivers National Forest for a nice relaxing weekend of…MURDER. Wait, no, camping. But this is a Kings of Horror presentation so you know they aren’t just going to camp, roast marshmallows and catch a few fish, then return home with some good memories. These fellows are going to confront something in Six Rivers, and based on the title one could definitely conclude that it’s a beast of some kind. When confronting a beast in the woods, let’s just say that the driver would be wise to collect everybody’s gas money up front for the return trip.

When a bit of friendly bullying and an argument forces one of the members of the group out of camp to brave the woods on his own things go downhill fast. One by one the campers turn up dead and things are clearly not what they seem. For example, we soon learn that two of the campers raped a third camper’s sister and caused her suicide. Quick note from your friends at Kings of Horror: if you rape someone’s sister DO NOT go camping with them. You’re gonna have a bad time, and possibly even meet…

…the BEAST!

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