Review: Mourning Wood


Mourning WoodThe good ole nocturnal penile tumescence. The morning bugle has sounded and the soldier is at full salute. The sun has risen, a chorus of robins have begun to sing in the trees, and you have pitched a tent. In more blatant terms, a boner. It’s also the title of Ryan Convery’s 2010 gross-out, spunk-filled, zombie film. If you don’t like farts or anatomical humor or fake mustaches on men named Texas, this film might not be the one for you and you obviously don’t know good comedy.

Review: Attack of the Vegan Zombies


Ahh the zombie genre. From the classic, creepy crawlers of Night of the Living Dead (1968) to the brain-munching stoners in Bong of the Dead (2011)from out-right terror to over-the-top camp, nothing has gone untouched by this genre. Enter Jim Townsend’s 2010 indie zombie film Attack of the Vegan ZombiesJust when you thought that nothing new could be added to this well-probed genre, Townsend’s low-budget film brings in every genre-defying oddity – witches, nerds, alcoholic vines, cheerleaders, and of course, the vegan zombie. Just reading the title can strike any zombie-loving moviegoer with understandable hesitation – can a zombie movie where the zombies don’t eat human flesh work? Spoiler alert: it can. 

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