Review: Crimson Peak


Now available on DVD and online, we offer our take on director Guillermo del Toro’s latest romantic horror mystery.

At a press conference in Los Angeles, shortly before the release of his much-anticipated Crimson Peak, director Guillermo del Toro emphasized the importance and fluidity of the horror genre. For del Toro, the horror genre is not merely a simple way to shock and scare viewers with blood, guts, murderers, and the supernatural. Instead, the power and potential of the horror film lies in its ability to represent the everyday, visceral fears of viewers. Horror is not so much an endpoint, but a tool with which one can present an affecting story. Once you strip down the horrific and stylistic aesthetics of del Toro’s films like Cronos, The Devil’s Backbone, and Pan’s Labyrinth, what you are left with is an intimately human experience. Without the deaths, the ghosts, and the fantastical, what is left is a story of trauma, mourning, and uncertainty.

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