Review: Ominous


Here’s an unfortunate one that’s so bad it’s just plain bad. The makers of Ominous throw every ghost movie cliché they can think of at the screen and almost nothing sticks. We get doors that creak open by themselves, creepy dolls, lurking spectral presences, spooky voices, not to mention the grievously overdone “soaking wet girl with long black hair” imagery that us horror movie fans have had to suffer through a thousand times since THE RING, but the whole thing is so drawn-out and uninvolving that it has no impact.

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Review: In the Dark


Don’t be left “ In the Dark” on this one!

Tonight after I finished up the annihilation of two young lovers looking to desecrate the final resting place of my beloved parents, I pried yet another smart phone from my victims cold death grip. Immediately, I hopped onto my favorite channel KINGS OF HORROR to see what’s good in the world of the macabre. As I sat in the dark searching for the perfect movie to fit my murderous mood, I stumbled onto a little piece of B movie horror called In the Dark. How could I resist this?

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Review: The Bunnyman Massacre


Why you Wascally Bunnyman Massacrer!

After a night of mayhem and carnage, I love nothing more than to kick my feet up and sink my teeth into my latest victim whilst viewing a fellow slasher’s handy work. Tonight I chose The Bunnyman Massacre a follow-up to the cult hit “Bunnyman” Writer SLASH director SLASH editor, Carl Lindbergh is back and serves up a beautifully shot piece of B horror.

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