Zombie Wars: Battle of the Bone

Zombie Wars: Battle of the Bone, Full Movie 1h29m, Released 2014

If you were hungry for a zombie movie with a little Belfast flavor than you will be a happy camper upon discovering Zombie Wars: Battle to the Bone. It’s an Irish kung-fu zombie shoot-em-up from writer/director George Clarke. The film opens on a typical Belfast scene: two opposing sides facing-off in one of Belfast’s regularly held protest/riots, and as things get violent an army of drug crazed zombies descend on the city forcing the opposing side to put aside their petty differences and join forces to save humanity and stop this new threat from taking over the city.

Also, there’s a tank!

All American Zombie Drugs

All American Zombie Drugs, Full Movie 1h39m, Released 2013

This week, Kings of Horror brings you the Cheech and Chong of zombie infection drugs: Vinny and Sebastian. Yes, they’re losers who, despite recently graduating from high school, are going nowhere in their small town. Yes, they’re drug addicts with little redeeming social value, but when they find a recipe for street drugs on the internet they suddenly get addicted to something else: entrepreneurship! Well, drug dealing. Until, that is, they learn that their homemade party drug concoction turns its users into zombies and everyone knows the old adage: you can’t sell anything to a zombie, unless you like getting paid in brains.

If you can’t laugh at stoners and zombies, you probably can’t laugh at anything.

Zombie Resurrection

Zombie Resurrection, Full Movie 1h23m, Released 2014

Prey for salvation with Kings of Horror as we follow a group of survivors, 15 months after the apocalypse. Forced to take refuge in an abandoned school, they encounter a mysterious zombie with the power to bring the dead back to life.

The dead will rise!

Zombie Wars: Battle of the Bone

Zombie Wars: Battle of the Bone, Full Movie 1h29m, Released 2008

Join Kings of Horror in a martial arts zombie extravaganza, filmed and set entirely in Northern Ireland, from award-winning Irish writer/director George Clark. When two opposing sides face-off in one of Belfast’s worst ever riots, fate casts a nasty spell as an army of drug crazed zombies descend on the capital forcing the enemies to join as one, and stop this new threat from taking over the city. Three friends, caught in the middle, try to escape to the East, only to find themselves surrounded by bigoted thugs, burning bridges, and high testosterone! Using hard-hitting martial arts, and constantly on the run, the three young heroes soon find out that the fight-loving thugs are only the least of their worries!

Zombies! Kung Fu! Action! Gore!

Zombies Anonymous

Zombies Anonymous, Full Movie 1h31m, Released 2006

Kings of Horror invites you to meet Angela. She is the perfect neighbor. She is quiet, young, pretty and keeps to herself. But Angela is different. She is dead and isn’t the only one. All over the world, the recently deceased are returning to life. But these are not brain-dead zombies. They are organized, intelligent and crave the flesh of the living. As Angela struggles to suppress her new appetites, she joins an undead self help group and covers her rotting flesh with zombie cosmetics. Meanwhile, a crazed cult of zombie terrorists and a militia of brutal zombie-hunting humans fight for dominance in the shadow of the apocalypse. As the war between the living and the dead draws close, Angela finds herself unwittingly caught in the middle, fighting for her existence!

A world where the living and dead co-exist…or do they?