Legend Has It

Legend Has It, Full Movie 1h 23m, Released 2009


The Hutchins family was brutally slaughtered years ago and the killer was never caught. Now, a young film crew filming a documentary returns to find out the truth.

They soon discover why some legends are better left alone.

Beast: A Monster Among Men

Beast: A Monster Among Men, Full Movie 1h12m, Released 2013

Five campers take a drive out to Six Rivers National Forest for a nice relaxing weekend of…MURDER. Wait, no, camping. But this is a Kings of Horror presentation so you know they aren’t just going to camp, roast marshmallows and catch a few fish, then return home with some good memories. These fellows are going to confront something in Six Rivers, and based on the title one could definitely conclude that it’s a beast of some kind. When confronting a beast in the woods, let’s just say that the driver would be wise to collect everybody’s gas money up front for the return trip.

When a bit of friendly bullying and an argument forces one of the members of the group out of camp to brave the woods on his own things go downhill fast. One by one the campers turn up dead and things are clearly not what they seem. For example, we soon learn that two of the campers raped a third camper’s sister and caused her suicide. Quick note from your friends at Kings of Horror: if you rape someone’s sister DO NOT go camping with them. You’re gonna have a bad time, and possibly even meet…

…the BEAST!

No Tell Motel

No Tell Motel, Full Movie 1h23m, Released 2012

If there is anything creepier than an abandoned motel in the middle of nowhere, the filmmakers responsible for No Tell Motel couldn’t think of it. Their vision of such a place obviously includes a malevolent, supernatural force patiently biding its time at the motel until a group of unsuspecting friends (with very poor navigational abilities) get stranded when their RV breaks down.

Obviously they have no choice but to spend the night in the creepy motel; and when they do, secrets are revealed and the angry, restless spirits take vengeance upon the living.

American Scream King

American Scream King, Full Movie 1h10m, Released 2012

Curiously, the plot of this slasher flick sounds like the elevator pitch of most low budget horror movies: a couple of guys with very weak morals come into possession of a video camera and decide to make a horror film. Unfortunately, completely lacking the resources, talent and ambition to produce a decent movie, the aspiring directors decide to take a more realistic approach to terrorizing their audience: killing actual people on film. Sort of like the ultimate snuff film, only with rules and a plot. To that end they place an ad looking for actresses and after “auditioning” them, they set some of them free and keep the other prisoner as fodder for the film’s violent conclusion.

Shockingly, something goes terribly awry and the film has a stunning twist of an ending that you’d never guess in a million years! Or, more likely that you probably figured out by the middle of act 2. But still, blood, babes and bad lighting, this has all the makings of a Kings of Horror classic.

An American Terror

An American Terror, Full Movie 1h24m, Released 2014

Kings of Horror searched far and wide to bring you a high school revenge film that isn’t set and shot, conveniently, in the woods behind the director’s house. An American Terror tells the always fresh tail of a group of high school chums who’ve come up with a plan to get vengeance on the bullies who’ve tormented them. While executing their plot, they stumble upon the underground lair of a madman filled with unspeakable horrors. Soon trapped by that very same madman, they are used, one by one to fulfill his demented, bloody fantasies.

When they discover a pretty cheerleader also trapped in the lair, their plan for revenge is soon forgotten as they try to survive and rescue the cheerleader. Perhaps they realize that the best revenge on a bully isn’t gory violence, but living well. Or in the case of these teens…

…just living.