A Bothered Conscience

A Bothered Conscience, Full Movie 1h27m, Released 2006

Come along with Kings of Horror as we make our way deep into the backwoods of Arkansas where we meet Lucas McGavin. Twenty years after his father is savagely murdered in an act of retribution, Lucas is left alone to preserve the twisted family legacy. Haunted by visions of his violent past, Lucas becomes more dangerous with each passing day. His ability to distinguish reality from hallucination quickly dissolves until he is left to be taunted by ghostly figures lurking in the forest. Have the rotted corpses of the McGavin’s prey risen from the dead or are they simply manifestations of…

A Bothered Conscience?

9 Miles Down

9 Miles Down, Full Movie 1h26m, Released 2009

Writer/director Anthony Waller makes his Kings of Horror debut and brings you this brand new take on an old but rock solid horror premise. A security expert is sent to investigate the disappearance of a research team drilling deeper into the Sahara Desert’s surface than anyone has attempted before. While there he meets a beautiful woman who may or may not be a deadly killer and has to uncover the truth about whether the drilling team drilled into hell and released a supernatural evil on the world or if it is only his mind playing tricks on him.

How deep IS hell, really??

3 Flies in a Widow’s Web

3 Flies in a Widow’s Web Full Movie, 1h25m, Released 2016

Join Kings of Horror as we present writer/director Calvin Morie’s trilogy of twisted tales of terror that revolve around the dark side of human nature. These helpless souls find themselves tangled in a treacherous web of violent mental illness, spooky urban legends, brainwashed neighbors and even an appearance by the Devil himself.