A Bothered Conscience

A Bothered Conscience, Full Movie 1h27m, Released 2006

Come along with Kings of Horror as we make our way deep into the backwoods of Arkansas where we meet Lucas McGavin. Twenty years after his father is savagely murdered in an act of retribution, Lucas is left alone to preserve the twisted family legacy. Haunted by visions of his violent past, Lucas becomes more dangerous with each passing day. His ability to distinguish reality from hallucination quickly dissolves until he is left to be taunted by ghostly figures lurking in the forest. Have the rotted corpses of the McGavin’s prey risen from the dead or are they simply manifestations of…

A Bothered Conscience?

7 Nights of Darkness

7 Nights of Darkness, Full Movie 1h30m, Released 2011

Found footage fiends rejoice, Kings of Horror have managed to unearth this nearly lost collections of tapes from a reality show that failed in spectacular fashion. On April 30, 2010, six contestants were tasked with spending seven nights in an abandoned and haunted asylum. The show never aired but an editor for the network was able to piece together this surviving footage. The prize for staying all seven nights was a share of one million dollars that was to be split amongst any contestants that didn’t leave.

No prize money was ever awarded.