Attack of the Vegan Zombies

Attack of the Vegan Zombies, Full Movie 1h15m, Released 2010


In this low-budget horror flick, Joe and his wife Dionne’s Winery fails to produce crops. To avoid losing their family farm, Dionne is persuaded by her mother (a witch) that a powerful spell is just what the vineyards need. The crop is such a success that Joe hires college students to help them harvest. However, soon people start disappearing in the fields…

Now the question isn’t how to best harvest the crops, it’s how to keep from being harvested!

The Ouija Experiment

The Ouija Experiment, Full Movie 1h31m, Released 2011

Brandon and his friends get the brilliant idea to film their experimental sessions with an Ouija Board in an attempt to create a viral video that will make them famous. Drama and conflict cause members of the group to forget the number one rule of using an Ouija Board: IT’S A GATEWAY TO THE OTHER SIDE! Foolishly they open that gateway and allow evil spirits to cross over and soon fall prey to the evil entities that now occupy the board.

Be careful out there, people. The Ouija Board is not a toy, it’s a powerful tool to reach into the spiritual realm (that they just happen to sell in toy stores.)

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Anthology of Terror

Anthology of Terror, Full Movie 42m, Released 2010

The Archivist – your tour guide through the beyond – takes you through three nightmarish situations spanning time and space as he reads from his book – The Anthology of Terror. In nightmarish tale number one a pair of criminals try to rob and kill an old lady. In nightmarish tale number two a beleaguered housewife poisons her husband, only to discover years later that he rises from the dead and seeks revenge. The third and, thankfully, final nightmarish tale is that of a future soldier who is trapped in a warehouse with a ghost.

Beast: A Monster Among Men

Beast: A Monster Among Men, Full Movie 1h12m, Released 2013

Five campers take a drive out to Six Rivers National Forest for a nice relaxing weekend of…MURDER. Wait, no, camping. But this is a Kings of Horror presentation so you know they aren’t just going to camp, roast marshmallows and catch a few fish, then return home with some good memories. These fellows are going to confront something in Six Rivers, and based on the title one could definitely conclude that it’s a beast of some kind. When confronting a beast in the woods, let’s just say that the driver would be wise to collect everybody’s gas money up front for the return trip.

When a bit of friendly bullying and an argument forces one of the members of the group out of camp to brave the woods on his own things go downhill fast. One by one the campers turn up dead and things are clearly not what they seem. For example, we soon learn that two of the campers raped a third camper’s sister and caused her suicide. Quick note from your friends at Kings of Horror: if you rape someone’s sister DO NOT go camping with them. You’re gonna have a bad time, and possibly even meet…

…the BEAST!


Armynel, Full Movie 1h14m, Released 2012

For Savannah, a personal assistant at a law office struggling with a dark secret, bad dreams soon become nightmares and then progress to hallucinations. Finally, she can’t take it anymore and decides to tell her girlfriend Felicia. Felicia tries to help by introducing her to psychiatrist Doctor Dale. As she begins her hypnosis therapy sessions and her dark secrets come to light, tragedies begin happening around Savannah and all the signs point to her being the suspect.

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