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Jon Wesley Jr.: When I was 14 years old a group of teenage thugs attacked and brutally murdered my mother, father and myself. The men buried our bodies in the back of a cave on the outside of town. Our bodies were never found. Years later I was reborn as something else. Something strong and wicked with an insatiable blood lust. I burst from my shallow grave on the evening of a full moon while a group of teens partied atop my family’s remains. I made them very sorry for disturbing our slumber. For the most part, my time is now spent protecting the resting place of my parents by slaughtering anyone who comes near. On occasion though, I will pry a smart phone from one of my victims cold dead hands and hop on over to my favorite site KingsofHorror.com and see what my other partners in slashing are up to!

alex-schultz-kings-of-horrorAlex Schultz: Alex is a totally normal college student with a totally normal passion for any film that has buckets of blood, decapitations, synth-heavy soundtracks, and a “Strong Female Lead”. Try your best to put up with him as he earnestly searches for the “spiritual meaning” behind movies that feature vegan zombies and exploding brains.

Mike Mortimer photoBaron Von Marte: The Baron is 122 years old. He lives alone in his Austrian castle with nothing to do but drink absinthe and watch movies on his laptop. He had long claimed to have seen every movie ever made, but then he found Kings of Horror and a whole library of titles he’s never watched! He may get a bit cranky from time to time, but he really loves movies!

ian-sutherland-kings-of-horrorIan Sutherland: Ian is an obsessive horror fan; reading and watching as much as the genre has to offer, or writing and filming his own. He also enjoys front porches, climate controlled living and the pursuit of the perfect burger.

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  1. Just a quick email to thank you for putting the movie “Ominious” on YouTube. I really like it, and that’s an unbiased opinion……lol. Anyway thanks again, and I did notice that someone else has posted it on there as well. I was under the understanding that you had the exclusive rights to it, if so, just a heads up on the other post.

  2. Hi there – do any of your films have a scene where the woman struggles to reach a cell phone or weapon but it’s just out of reach? Which ones? Thank you!


  3. Hi guys. I just noticed that you have Feeding Grounds up and i was wondering how i could be listed as an actor. Where did the cast list come from?

  4. Hi, do you guys only do cheap indie horror flicks or do you do big budget hollywood horror movies too?