American Scream King

American Scream King, Full Movie 1h10m, Released 2012

Curiously, the plot of this slasher flick sounds like the elevator pitch of most low budget horror movies: a couple of guys with very weak morals come into possession of a video camera and decide to make a horror film. Unfortunately, completely lacking the resources, talent and ambition to produce a decent movie, the aspiring directors decide to take a more realistic approach to terrorizing their audience: killing actual people on film. Sort of like the ultimate snuff film, only with rules and a plot. To that end they place an ad looking for actresses and after “auditioning” them, they set some of them free and keep the other prisoner as fodder for the film’s violent conclusion.

Shockingly, something goes terribly awry and the film has a stunning twist of an ending that you’d never guess in a million years! Or, more likely that you probably figured out by the middle of act 2. But still, blood, babes and bad lighting, this has all the makings of a Kings of Horror classic.

An American Terror

An American Terror, Full Movie 1h24m, Released 2014

Kings of Horror searched far and wide to bring you a high school revenge film that isn’t set and shot, conveniently, in the woods behind the director’s house. An American Terror tells the always fresh tail of a group of high school chums who’ve come up with a plan to get vengeance on the bullies who’ve tormented them. While executing their plot, they stumble upon the underground lair of a madman filled with unspeakable horrors. Soon trapped by that very same madman, they are used, one by one to fulfill his demented, bloody fantasies.

When they discover a pretty cheerleader also trapped in the lair, their plan for revenge is soon forgotten as they try to survive and rescue the cheerleader. Perhaps they realize that the best revenge on a bully isn’t gory violence, but living well. Or in the case of these teens…

…just living.

After School Massacre

After School Massacre, Full Movie 1h13m, Released 2014

Kings of Horror brings you this high concept horror masterpiece that probes the eternal question: why do slashers always feel the need to kill young attractive women in their underpants? Well, in this case the crime spree begins when two high school students head to the room of their senior year history teacher to deal with a little problem. During class he confiscated a hat and they want it back, they’re also upset that he hasn’t accepted their friend request! When he relents and accepts the request, the administration feels that he’s broken professional protocol and he’s fired on the spot. In a fit of rage he kills both the principal who fired him and an innocent secretary who is in the wrong place at the wrong time, though, shockingly not in her underpants.

Across town, Jess is gathering her attractive friends together for a sleepover but there is one minor problem: the last time she had a sleepover, one of her friends overdosed and died. Fortunately for Jess her mother is a very poor authority figure with boundary issues and gives the sleepover a greenlight. Unfortunately that light attracts the rage of their homocidal history teacher who gives the girls their…

…final exam.

Abomination: The Evilmaker 2

Abomination: The Evilmaker 2, Full Movie 1h19m, Released 2003

People were on the edges of their collective seats for this follow-up to the smash horror hit The Evilmaker. You can thank your friends at Kings of Horror for finally bringing it to you. This film takes place a year after the tragic events that struck four close friends and the mystery of their disappearance still has not been solved. One family member dares to hurl herself into a web of darkness and evil (and PG-13 level nudity) in order to find out what really happened. The evil unleashed from her actions will have a terrifying consequence for everyone as they combat…

The Evilmaker!

Abe’s Tomb

Abe’s Tomb, Full Movie 1h30m, Released 2007

Kings of Horror welcomes you to Moore’s Lake, a small town plagued by feral vampires. The police department knows if they don’t destroy them all now, they will spread their deadly virus and the entire human race will soon become the new Vampire Nation. Humanity’s only hope for continued existence rests solely upon the courage of a small group of police officers and an all-powerful entity that has long ago, vowed vengeance upon the town.

Caught between a rock and a hard place, can humanity survive???

(Spoiler alert, probably.)