American Scumbags

American Scumbags, Full Movie 51m, Released 2016

On occasion, the things that land at the chamber door of Kings of Horror aren’t always strictly horror films. For example, the sophomore effort from writer-director-actor director Dakota Bailey. American Scumbags is a follow-up to his previous film, My Master Satan, that follows three real scumbags with oddly intertwined lives. These three exist at the fringes of society and slog through a terrible underworld of drugs, crime, debauchery and even murder. Obviously murder, as one of the characters is a hit man for hire and obviously drugs because one of the characters is a drug dealer; the debauchery and degradation are just along for the ride as these three struggle to survive in a world that lies beneath the comfortable white bread world the rest of us take for granted.

Maybe the possibility that people like these three could be alive and well in your very city is what makes this a horror movie!

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