American Scream King

American Scream King, Full Movie 1h10m, Released 2012

Curiously, the plot of this slasher flick sounds like the elevator pitch of most low budget horror movies: a couple of guys with very weak morals come into possession of a video camera and decide to make a horror film. Unfortunately, completely lacking the resources, talent and ambition to produce a decent movie, the aspiring directors decide to take a more realistic approach to terrorizing their audience: killing actual people on film. Sort of like the ultimate snuff film, only with rules and a plot. To that end they place an ad looking for actresses and after “auditioning” them, they set some of them free and keep the other prisoner as fodder for the film’s violent conclusion.

Shockingly, something goes terribly awry and the film has a stunning twist of an ending that you’d never guess in a million years! Or, more likely that you probably figured out by the middle of act 2. But still, blood, babes and bad lighting, this has all the makings of a Kings of Horror classic.

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