An American Terror

An American Terror, Full Movie 1h24m, Released 2014

Kings of Horror searched far and wide to bring you a high school revenge film that isn’t set and shot, conveniently, in the woods behind the director’s house. An American Terror tells the always fresh tail of a group of high school chums who’ve come up with a plan to get vengeance on the bullies who’ve tormented them. While executing their plot, they stumble upon the underground lair of a madman filled with unspeakable horrors. Soon trapped by that very same madman, they are used, one by one to fulfill his demented, bloody fantasies.

When they discover a pretty cheerleader also trapped in the lair, their plan for revenge is soon forgotten as they try to survive and rescue the cheerleader. Perhaps they realize that the best revenge on a bully isn’t gory violence, but living well. Or in the case of these teens…

…just living.

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