After School Massacre

After School Massacre, Full Movie 1h13m, Released 2014

Kings of Horror brings you this high concept horror masterpiece that probes the eternal question: why do slashers always feel the need to kill young attractive women in their underpants? Well, in this case the crime spree begins when two high school students head to the room of their senior year history teacher to deal with a little problem. During class he confiscated a hat and they want it back, they’re also upset that he hasn’t accepted their friend request! When he relents and accepts the request, the administration feels that he’s broken professional protocol and he’s fired on the spot. In a fit of rage he kills both the principal who fired him and an innocent secretary who is in the wrong place at the wrong time, though, shockingly not in her underpants.

Across town, Jess is gathering her attractive friends together for a sleepover but there is one minor problem: the last time she had a sleepover, one of her friends overdosed and died. Fortunately for Jess her mother is a very poor authority figure with boundary issues and gives the sleepover a greenlight. Unfortunately that light attracts the rage of their homocidal history teacher who gives the girls their…

…final exam.

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