Review: Dead Girls


Have you ever accidentally hurt your lover while during a passionate moment of intimacy? An elbow to the eyeball…a nose to the headboard…you get the picture. Well, that’s sort of what happens to Suzy (Aubrey Joyce Tunnell) in the first of three episodes of Neal Fischer and Del Harvey’s 2014 horror anthology Dead Girls. Except this accidental abuse can’t be brushed away with some mood-breaking laughter. In the angry and passionate moments following a relationship-breaking fight, Suzy’s boyfriend Travis (Nick Cardiff) pushes her up against the wall kissing her, and in the process hit Suzy’s head against the wall. It is only after a few seconds that Travis realizes that Suzy’s brains are splattered all over the wall behind her. Not exactly the foreplay he probably had in mind. Continue reading Review: Dead Girls

Horror News Update – 6/10/16

In today’s episode Cecil and Jaime discuss:
💀 Pennywise
💀 Drunken Fireworks
💀 Leatherface
💀 Lavinia Fisher
💀 Pacific Rim 2
💀 Supernatural

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