Review: Dead of the Nite


No one is safe in the… Dead of the Nite!

As I sit in the shadows restlessly awaiting my next victims, I think to myself what better way to kill a little time then to hop on to the Kings of Horror channel and see what new treats they have in store.

After some deliberation I settle on a movie entitled Dead of the Nite featuring the incredible Tony Todd! Seeing that this is when I do my best work and the fact I’m a huge Tony “CANDYMAN” Todd fan, I know I will not be disappointed.

dead-of-nite-stillDead of the Nite begins with the police responding to a massacre of a group of internet ghost hunters who were looking to catch their big break by exposing paranormal activity in the infamous Jericho Manor. Detectives Jenkins (Gary Mavers) and Anderson (Joseph Millson) begin their investigation by immediately questioning the creepy caretaker Ruber (Tony Todd) but come up with nothing solid. After Ruber’s interrogation, Detective Jenkins dives head first into the video footage that has been left behind by the victims. As he gets deeper into the footage the story begins to unravel. Detective Jenkins witnesses murder after murder by a mysterious hooded killer. Is this killer the ghost of Jeffrey Heath or is there something more diabolical at hand?

Utilizing found footage and traditional filmmaking, Writer/Director S.J. Evans navigates the audience through a film filled with mystery, suspense, paranormal encounters, and ultimately my favorite… a slasher armed with a sickle!

What works most about Dead of the Nite is the cast. There are some pretty strong performances delivered for a low budget B horror film. The music and sound design also compliment the film very well, pulling the audience in and keeping them invested.

Where the film fell short for me was in the gore and the killer himself. Most of the kills were a little hard to accept since there was little to no blood at all. Having cut many throats in my day I can attest that there is lots and lots of blood! It’s everywhere! It gets on you and them as is squirts and sprays unpredictably. The victim struggles with their last gasps utilizing their hands to try to stop the inevitable… Sorry I got sidetracked for a second. What was I saying? Oh yeah, the killer! I liked his aesthetic. He was creepy and cool. However I feel he was given too much screen time early on and thus diminished the suspense and his ability to give his audience the scare he was hoping for.

Overall Dead of the Nite is a fun little B horror film. It delivers with pretty girls, fun scares, an interesting twist and most of all the Candyman himself, Tony Todd!

Till next time kids… Stay outta my cave and stay alive!


Review: Jon Wesley Jr

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