Review: The Shadow – Episode #5


When we last tuned in Malcom fell prey to the Ghoul…

When this one starts, he’s miraculously fine and any hope of a coherent wrap up to Eric Hunter’s web series goes right out the window. Hunter smartly moves us out of the house for the finale, but, unfortunately, everything that happens feels really hokey. Nothing from previous episodes is explained in any way and the Ghoul is ultimately shown in too bright light to remain scary. Anyone who can figure out why the surviving character puts a For Sale sign in front of the house, please let me know.


Final thoughts — though Hunter shows some skill at movie-making, and the web series as a whole offers up some decent scares, he’d do well to learn that this kind of thing doesn’t really work without coherence and an actual storyline. Confusion is not a substitute for ambiguity. Showing off is fine, but next time Hunter should try to come up with a decent plot and interesting characters.

Review by: Baron Von Marte


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