Review: The Shadow – Episode #5


When we last tuned in Malcom fell prey to the Ghoul…

When this one starts, he’s miraculously fine and any hope of a coherent wrap up to Eric Hunter’s web series goes right out the window. Hunter smartly moves us out of the house for the finale, but, unfortunately, everything that happens feels really hokey. Nothing from previous episodes is explained in any way and the Ghoul is ultimately shown in too bright light to remain scary. Anyone who can figure out why the surviving character puts a For Sale sign in front of the house, please let me know.

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Review: The Shadow – Episode #4


At the end of Ep. 3, the two cops were trying to escape the house of horrors…

What there wasn’t of a story becomes even less clear in this latest installment of Eric Hunter’s web series. A brand new character emerges from the trunk of a car and we have no idea who he is or how he got in there or why. The characters interact in a way that indicates that they know each other, but the problem is that the audience doesn’t know what their relationship is at all. I stated in reviews of the previous installments that this show seems to be an excuse for Hunter to exercise is movie-making technique, but even that flies completely off the rails in this one, as the dark lighting that was used effectively before here becomes totally impenetrable and confusing. The whole thing feels rushed.

Let’s see if they can pull it together to wrap it up in Episode 5…

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Review by: Baron Von Marte

Review: Bloody Mary


We’ve all heard of the Bloody Mary ghost story. Go into the bathroom. Turn off all of the lights. Light a candle. Say “Bloody Mary” three times into the mirror and wait for her to appear. I’ve always been too afraid to do it, but my friend claims to have seen her. I think that he’s full of crap and just wants attention, but to each their own. The same legend is used as the basis of Bloody Maryexcept for one minor difference. This Bloody Mary isn’t some angry Victorian apparition nor the infamous Queen Mary I. Nope. Instead, Bloody Mary is a naked angry busty redhead who loves girl-on-girl action. It’s THAT kind of horror movie.