Review: In the Dark


Don’t be left “ In the Dark” on this one!

Tonight after I finished up the annihilation of two young lovers looking to desecrate the final resting place of my beloved parents, I pried yet another smart phone from my victims cold death grip. Immediately, I hopped onto my favorite channel KINGS OF HORROR to see what’s good in the world of the macabre. As I sat in the dark searching for the perfect movie to fit my murderous mood, I stumbled onto a little piece of B movie horror called In the Dark. How could I resist this?

In the Dark is a low-budget, low scale, supernatural thriller that tells the story of three young men who mysteriously commit suicide on the same night. Each one of the young men have a brother that comes to gather the belongings of their deceased sibling when they, themselves start to encounter strange occurrences.


The three brothers Clint (calm and collected guy), Chris (terrified guy), and Todd (total douche guy), fall into their roles very well. Mr. Douche does not believe in any of this! Scared Guy, (and the most sane one), thinks they should probably just leave. While Cool Guy talks them into sticking it out and facing whatever supernatural entity forced the deaths of their brothers. This trio of personalities is always my favorite. Their predictability is easy to manipulate and as a fellow slasher I enjoy that part of the game most. Sorry I’m rambling.

What works about In the Dark is its predictability along with the tone that is apparent from the first five minutes. You know what you are getting into right away. The acting is not too bad and some of the sound and music compliments the movie really well, achieving the classic feel of an 80’s B horror movie.

What doesn’t work so well about In the Dark is the cinematography and when the sound design misses it misses pretty hard. I found myself laughing out loud when I was supposed to be scared… then again I’m a killer so maybe it does work.

Overall the concept and execution for In the Dark isn’t bad. The ending was a bit of a let down for me however that’s just my murderous opinion.

Till next time, stay outta my cave and stay alive!




Review by: Jon Wesley Jr.

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