Review: The Bunnyman Massacre


Why you Wascally Bunnyman Massacrer!

After a night of mayhem and carnage, I love nothing more than to kick my feet up and sink my teeth into my latest victim whilst viewing a fellow slasher’s handy work. Tonight I chose The Bunnyman Massacre a follow-up to the cult hit “Bunnyman” Writer SLASH director SLASH editor, Carl Lindbergh is back and serves up a beautifully shot piece of B horror.

Our story begins very quickly as Bunnyman steps out of nowhere (like we slashers do) and onto a school bus, chainsawing his way through a bunch of bratty children. The blood flies, it flows and death is rapidly upon us. After a day of killing Bunnyman returns to his home where his good ol’ friend Joe, the maker of human beef jerky, awaits. The two psychopaths set up a trap and lure unsuspecting numb skulls in for some “REFRESHMENTS”. Hikers, campers and law enforcement file in as the duo begin their reign of terror! Bodies pile up as the victims make terrible decisions and can’t seem to get out their own way.

The dialogue and story structure of The Bunnyman Massacre are what hurts it the most as there are plot holes galore. On the positive side the acting isn’t always terrible and the production quality is above par for this level of genre film. Soraya Sélène, the Director of Photography, really shines offering the audience great framing and intelligent shot selection while capturing great visuals.

If you are looking for a fun, gritty Slasher film with hot chicks, a great antagonist and lots of kills The Bunnyman Massacre delivers!




Review by: Jon Wesley Jr.

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