Review: The Phantom of the Opera


It was sometime in the late 90’s or early 2000’s. My father, my brother, and I were at the local Blockbuster, now a cultural relic, looking for a movie to distract us from the hot Arizona afternoon where the sweltering heat forced us to stay indoors. My brother and I had recently finished all of the Goosebumps movies and thought that it was time for us elementary school kids to move on to something more mature, something more intellectual, something that would undoubtedly increase our social capital on the school playground. We picked out The Phantom of the Opera from the “Classics” shelf and proudly took our selection to our father who, upon seeing our choice said, “Oh that’s a silent movie you won’t like that.” So we put it back. Silent films are for nerds and squares and my brother and I were neither. I think we ended up getting Psycho instead. Now that movie had blood and a naked woman! Oh golly gee willikers!

Top 10 Christmas Horror Movies


Happy Horrordays! We have conjured up a list of Christmas Horror movies, (in no particular order), for all you Kings of Horror freaks to get into the holiday spirit. Because what better way is there to spread some holiday cheer than with some psychotic killer Santas!


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Review: In the Dark


Don’t be left “ In the Dark” on this one!

Tonight after I finished up the annihilation of two young lovers looking to desecrate the final resting place of my beloved parents, I pried yet another smart phone from my victims cold death grip. Immediately, I hopped onto my favorite channel KINGS OF HORROR to see what’s good in the world of the macabre. As I sat in the dark searching for the perfect movie to fit my murderous mood, I stumbled onto a little piece of B movie horror called In the Dark. How could I resist this?

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