Review: Filthy McNasty


The thing about Filthy McNasty (2002) is that a character masturbates with his own poop. And I need to talk about it. Probably to a therapist. But therapy is expensive. So here we are.

The only thing that I had known about writer/director/low-budget-hero Chris Seaver before watching  Filthy McNasty was some of his film titles. They are outrageous. Let me name a few of them off for you: Teenape Vs. The Monster Nazi Apocalypse, Return to Blood Fart Lake, Scrotal Vengeance, and my own personal favorite, Anal Paprika 3: Menage-A-Death. I’m sure that you’re starting to build up an image of who this guy is.

The film’s plot is pretty standard. Two nerdy girls make a pact with an evil demon named “Phil” (Tim Ekkebus), short for “Filthy McNasty”. Phil makes the girls hot and popular. In return, Phil gets to have sex/kill all of the two girls’ new popular friends at a big house party. The movie is only 45 minutes long so there’s not that much to say.

Throughout the film, there’s an obscene amount of scatological humor, fart jokes, poop jokes, masturbation jokes, and John Stamos jokes. And, yes, like I mentioned before, a scene where a character masturbates with his own feces. Hey, I’m not here to yuck someone’s yum. If you’re a thirteen year old boy, this is the film for you.

Like I said before, I’ve been somewhat aware of Chris Seavers’ presence in the low-budget film industry for a good while. However, as I was researching his films for this review, I was shocked by how polarized peoples’ opinions of him are. A lot of people really hate this guy. And a lot of people really love this guy. To be honest, I don’t quite know where I stand.

Chris Seaver has been making comedy/horror films for over 20 years now and has a huge filmography. Yet, despite his large body of work, his films consistently have almost no budget and a very small following. Filthy McNasty is about as low-budget as you can get. And while many people hate his films, mostly his adolescent and extremely graphic humor, he is still revered by many independent filmmakers as the epitome of a low-budget auteur. Even Lloyd Kauffman, the founder of the low-budget film production company Troma which has created well-known films like the Toxic Avenger and Tromeo and Juliet, has praised his work.

It’s here that I am most puzzled about my own feelings for Filthy McNastyYes, the humor is so so immature. But I found myself oddly okay with that. The film is only 45 minutes long so Seaver keeps things fast-paced and never-boring. Yes, some jokes really fell flat and the acting was, how do I say this, not great. But in the end, I appreciate Chris Seavers’ existence. And I appreciate this film. While the content of the film is extremely immature, his filmmaking was not. He has attention to detail. He is a thoughtful filmmaker. And the fact that he has been making films for so long, in my opinion, makes him part of the low-budget horror film canon and not to be missed.

Also, if you’re looking for a drunken movie-night, I suggest taking a shot every time you see some kind of human fluid. You will be feelin’ good very fast.




Review by: Alex Schultz

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