Review: Beast – A Monster Among Men


I wonder…. I genuinely applaud those who have the drive and desire to make movies, and then actually do it. Even a small movie requires a tremendous amount of energy and effort and persistence. My question then becomes, why would people go through all the trouble,  as difficult as it is,  to make a movie where nothing happens????

Case in point: Mike Lenzini, the multi-hyphenate responsible for this snoozer. He’s clearly got a camera, he’s got some lights, he’s got a game cast and a gorgeous location — he just failed to bring a decent story. Or really a story of any kind.

What we get in Beast: A Monster Among Men, after an absurd amount of time spent driving in a truck, is a standard people-isolated-in-the-woods setup, and in this case the main mystery comes from wondering if the characters are being killed off by a monster of some kind, or one of their own. Not that it matters. We don’t actually see anything happen, other than distraught people wandering around in the dark woods, discussing what to do next. Every once in a while, the silence is pierced by a scream from the dark, (I suggest a shot every time you hear one), or the discovery of a body. But that’s really it. Even some late character revelations don’t add up to much. There is, thankfully, a rather striking nude scene about halfway through and some of the night time landscapes are very well handled.

SPOILER: A decent twist occurs at the very end, as we are led to believe one thing, then find out another, but even this is disappointing because we catch only faint glimpses of what appears to be a pretty cool monster suit and I was left wondering why they didn’t utilize it more throughout.

For filmmakers: this one is a great lesson in what not to do!




Review by: Baron Von Marte

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