Review: From Beneath


This one is strange, a movie where almost nothing actually happens. And when it does happen, it’s guaranteed that the only two characters in the movie will react in a totally inappropriate way. From Beneath is essentially a CABIN FEVER knock-off in which a couple’s pleasant dip in a pond turns into a nightmare of infection, madness, and sacrifice to a (mostly unseen) leviathan. Sounds like fun right?

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Review: Puppet Show


It took me four attempts to get through Jay Gowey’s No-Budget thriller, Puppet Show. In some ways, this makes it one of the most effective horror movies I’ve ever seen. It’s as though some malicious force has built an unsolvable maze; every time a hapless wanderer should stumble in and make a wrong turn, they’re immediately placed back at the beginning. The movie just sort of happens at you. Suddenly, blood soaked breasts appear. Moments later, erratic flashes of bargain-bin gore. Then, a pretty lady wakes up and then you’re assaulted by the opening credits. Astoundingly, even those drag on. Slow pans of clown toys are accompanied by a repeating loop of, I guess, spooky circus music. A lot of this feels like your high school metal band’s first  music video. In short, I wasn’t sure how I was going to get through this movie. Continue reading Review: Puppet Show