Review: Dementia 13


Dementia 13 is Francis Ford Coppola’s first feature film, made for the great Roger Corman a full ten years before The Godfather. His talent is evident right away with a very moody opening scene involving a woman and her husband arguing in a rowboat at night. When the man has a heart attack, the woman dumps the body into the water, along with his transistor radio — which continues to play as it sinks to the bottom. This leads to an excellent animated credit sequence.  Continue reading Review: Dementia 13

The Top Grossing Horror Movie Franchise of All-Time: The Exorcist

-the-exorcistAccording to CNBC, The Exorcist film franchise tops the list of all-time highest grossing films in the horror genre.

Consisting of five horror films, “The Exorcist” franchise received both criticism and critical acclaim for bringing the notion of grotesque to a new low. Beginning with the original, which earned 10 Academy Award nominations after its released in 1973, the series’ perverse mix of spirituality, satanism, ecstasy and exorcism spelled out a blood-curdling storyline unlike any other. And a series of misfortunes — including a studio fire and actor Jack MacGowran’s death while filming — led some to believe the entire film and set were cursed.

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Review: Prey for the Beast


Here’s a great one for anyone desiring to see a bunch of Canadians who act without an ounce of common sense have their guts strewn all around the forest. A spin on the Bigfoot legend, what there is of a story involves two groups of campers, one all male, the other all female, (sorry folks, but any promise of nudity or sex is left unfulfilled), banding together to take on the creature that begins killing everybody off. Continue reading Review: Prey for the Beast