Review: Vampegeddon


Jeffrey Alan Miller’s 2010 vampire flick Vampegeddon is exactly what you would expect from a film with a title that combines the words “vampire” and “armageddon”. It involves vampires. A lot of them. So many vampires that the earth itself could be destroyed by the new influx of undead, bald, vaguely European, bloodsuckers! There’s so many vampires! In fact – there’s too many! Why are there so many vampires?! Patience, my dear. You shall see. Continue reading Review: Vampegeddon

Review: Armynel


Armynel opens starkly. Slow rack focuses heave on a mysterious and sinister object. Moments later, arial sweeps across a stunning cliff off the coast of California. Waves crash onto craggy old earth. Arymnel’s lead, Savannah, stands atop these cliffs. She is contemplative and pensive. This moment would almost seem vulnerable if it weren’t doused in the over-the-top production of those massive arial sweeps. Fortunately, a moody, elegant and bare piano score eases the awkwardness a bit. Still, it’s hard to shake how out of place those big, pretty nature shots feel. Moments in, and one worries that Arymnel might be poised to bite off more than it can chew. Continue reading Review: Armynel