Review: Mourning Wood


Mourning WoodThe good ole nocturnal penile tumescence. The morning bugle has sounded and the soldier is at full salute. The sun has risen, a chorus of robins have begun to sing in the trees, and you have pitched a tent. In more blatant terms, a boner. It’s also the title of Ryan Convery’s 2010 gross-out, spunk-filled, zombie film. If you don’t like farts or anatomical humor or fake mustaches on men named Texas, this film might not be the one for you and you obviously don’t know good comedy.

Frightening Fun Fact!


The first horror movie, only about two minutes long, was made by imaginative French filmmaker Georges Melies, titled Le Manoir Du Diable (1896, Fr.) (aka The Devil’s Castle/The Haunted Castle) – containing familiar elements of later horror and vampire films: a flying bat, a medieval castle, a cauldron, a demon figure (Mephistopheles), and skeletons, ghosts, and witches – and a crucifix to dispatch with evil.

Kings of Horror

Review: Slaughter Creek


Slaughter Creek: Who wrote the score?

In thousands of years, when the earth is a charred and lifeless wasteland, there will be a single copy of Slaughter Creek spinning in a mysteriously powered DVD player. I’m not sure if there are DVD copies of Slaughter Creek available. I’m not sure what my intention was when I started this review the way I just did. Continue reading Review: Slaughter Creek